The mystical ties between people and nature are primal and constant in the midst of the ever-flowing movement of life. Buddhism and quantum physics agree (in their own language) that rocks are in their essence aggregators of vibrant energy rather than inert lumps of matter. Rocks retain the vibrations from the universe, their energy and wisdom locked in code. Sleeping primordial symbols tethering us to the deep eternal we’ve become deaf and blind to. To awaken our senses to the deep eternal we need to experience re-enchantment; to be awed by the fact of existence and to feel that earthly nature is connected to the cosmos, in other words to experience numinosity. How might we tune our senses to see the energy and to hear to the stories rocks hold?

These drawings/sculptures/objects live in undefined spaces where curiosity meets the uncanny, where macro meets micro, and where the cosmos meets terra. The naturally rough exterior of rock protects the mystery within, it’s only when the rock is sheered that it whispers existential truths. I am an interpreter surfacing celestial bodies frozen in time and reconnecting to when earth and sky were considered sacred and people were enchanted, believing the world was mystical.

Post modernity is a time for re-enchantment of nature, we check out of the grind to check in with ourselves, we pilgrimage to nature to counterbalance our high-tech lives. Reflexively we document and share our adventures, and compulsively fill our pockets with rocks to later recollect the sensations of being in nature. When we extract rocks from their native landscape, high desert, or forest to their objectness is made explicit, their form and weight aggressive in a white cube. The celestial drawing lures you in, inviting you to look closer and feel the deep eternal, to experience numinosity.